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50€ Million Home Decoration

Having a really big and nice house , with an amazing home decoration, is really amazing thing. All that space, nice home furniture, amazing exterior design, cool kitchen gadgets, and many, many more awesome stuff. This luxury villa in Paris really have it all. If you do wanna have one of these someday, you need, for sure, to start working really hard. This property on 1800 sqm living area of 20 rooms, 10 bedrooms, an elevator, balconies, 2 terraces and a private swimming pool. The villa is also considered a historical monument of the 19th century. It is sold for 50 € M.

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White Home Design

Alexey Nikolashin designed the interior of an apartment in Moscow. The design is minimalist, clean lines and internal comfort. Russian architect Alexey Nikolashin founded in 2004, architectural firm SL project. The Bureau is engaged in designing of residential and public buildings, works in the design of residential and public interiors, and has experience in the design of the villas on the sea. This is really great home decoration tips, especially if you like white.

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