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Williamsburg Home Design Decoration

We offer you a look at the wonderful loft model Agyness Dean. Loft, located in Williamsburg, occupies about 3,000 square feet with beautiful furniture and decoration. This is the place – quite charming temple of kitsch. The interior of the mixed wood, marble, silk and glass, as well as a variety of colors. The apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Take a look at this wonderful interior design with beautiful furniture, and we hope you will find some really great decorating ideas.

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Showroom In Chicago

We offer you a look at the interior designer’s showroom Julia Buckingham Edelman, which is located in the heart of Chicago with beautiful decoration. Edelman uses the space to exhibit the work of various artists and exhibits, which she collected from around the world. This is, for sure, some really awesome design ideas and furniture, if you are looking for something like that. Take a look  at this beautiful home decoration and enjoy! [Read more…]

Muffin-Ottoman Decoration by Matteo Bianchi

Italian designer Matteo Bianchi, presented at the exhibition TENT London in 2011 his Muffin-ottoman. These ottomans can be with “stuffing” – the designer has provided inside the seat storage space, such as newspapers for this beautiful furniture and decoration. The top of the padded stools made ​​of leather in different colors.

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Interesting Tokidoki Chairs

Home furniture plays an important role in the decoration of your house. When you design or plan the interior design of his home, you need to extra importance to the furniture, as they are capable of truly reflecting your style, taste and lifestyle. The present furniture market is streaming with different furniture themes and styles. It includes both traditional designs as well as modern trends.
Selecting home furniture actually is quite a daunting task for most homeowners. Nowadays, the ranges of furniture are available in wide varieties of materials, such as wood, glass, steel, plastic, granite leather, etc. When selecting furniture, you need to keep in mind the color, theme and décor of your home interiors.

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Chairs Design Silencio David Lynch

“Wire”, created by studio Domeau & Pérès, – a series of chairs and sofas for the library nightclub David Lynch Silencio. They are distinguished by a metal base, reminiscent of bunches of fruit. Chairs will be signing autographs at the director. Available at Colette. [Read more…]

Crazy Wooden Design

iTree, developed by Austrian company KMKG – new station iPhone / iPod high. iTree very configurable. Buyers can choose between three different types of wood, and also choose the length, width and structure. iTree can be outfitted for wireless networks that can support iPads, a CD-player, as well as custom-made vinyl panel. In KMKG say that “Good design is based on experience” iTree costs between $ 14 982. [Read more…]

Villa Ski House H2o Florida

When it came to home decoration ideas, people did not pay much care to decorating their patio in the past. They were of the opinion that it is just a part of the house that wasn’t important. More money and more home furniture were put into the insides of the house. The furniture of the kitchen and dining area was brought out to the patio along with the grill when necessary. However, home interiors scenario has changed drastically now. Homeowners today are quit keen on selecting the best home decoration pieces for their patio. They not only require the most stylish home furniture but also the most functional.

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Villa Anton in Spain

Aesthetically placed furniture pieces add elegance and grace to your home interior. Your home Furniture reflects your personality and aesthetic sense so you must choose it carefully. You can impart a unique and stylish look to your home by implementing interior designs rules and ideas. You can also get some ideas from interior design magazine, as these magazines are always a good source of innovative home decoration ideas.

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